Linea Paseo-L Stand-Alone Walk-over Outdoor Recessed Linear

Paseo-L Stand-Alone Walk-over Outdoor Recessed Linear, integrated LED 19W 500mA 120V 3000K diffused beam 2112lm 80CRI, 1452mm Lx 24 x 52mm H (engine only), IP 67 (housing and feed extra)
Article number: 95408W00
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Indoor/outdoor recessed linear LED fixture that can either be used as a decorative element or an accent light. Available in diffused, asymmetric wallwasher and narrow beam. This is walk over rated and available in 6W, 13W or 19W. Can be a wall lights, ceiling or floor-mounted with an outer casing, code 98845 (for concrete or masonry)(requires feed kit and choice of trimmed or trimless housing).
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