Biffi Claro 3001 LED Medio Clear Acrylic

Claro 3001 LED Medio Clear Acrylic, LED 40W 3000K 4800 lm, Ø450mm Clear Acrylic shade and grey aluminium body
Article number: LD037MN.30.22.3001
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Light and coloured, it livens up the office or the home thanks to its fun-loving style and range of lively and unusual tones. Claro is more than only external beauty. At the centre of the design we find a hi-tech heart: the housing can be used with different light sources (halogen, metal halide or fluorescent) and the fixture body is available in aluminium or acrylic to offer you high performance lighting. Available in three different sizes, it is perfect for rooms of all types: small medium or large, Claro is always in perfect form wherever it is located. Available in 40W or 60W LED.
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