Brokis Capsula Wood & Glass Pendant

Capsula Pendant LED 5W 2700K (transparent glass exterior) (Smoke Grey Interior transparent) (Black Accents and textile cable) 0-10v Dim w/ Remote control
Article number: US937-CGC23-CGCI685-CGSUI906-CCS1945-CCSC619-CECL519-CERC709
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The Brokis Capsula LED Pendant is a striking synthesis of rounded glass chambers, overlapping and fusing together like a Venn diagram. The common factor is the tubular diffuser within, connecting the two glass cells and emitting a frosted LED light similar to a fluorescent lamp. The outer shell is left transparent while the interior is tinted, altering the coloration of the light, which is then capped with solid oak and harnessed by a decorative black cord
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