Delta Light Dual Square recessed Snap-in Adjustable Downlight

Minigrid In Trimless 2 Frame Snap-in Reo, Dual Square recessed Snap-in Downlight, 2xLED kit 83033W: 9.3W FL-33° optic 3000K 945lm 90CRI, White frame + white holder (housing & driver extra)
Article number: 6 202 73 02 W / 2x 6 202 790 81932 W
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The Minigrid product family is a longstanding classic for retail spaces and residential accent lighting. Used when less power and less lumen output is needed. The latest versions stand out in energy efficiency and lighting quality. This is achieved through the combination of reflectors in high purity aluminium quality, high performance led arrays and intelligent active cooling. IC and non-IC housing needed.
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