DesignHeure Grand Nenuphar LED Acoustic Pendant

Grand Nenuphar Acoustic Pendant, LED 18W 3000K 90CRI 120V, outer fabric in gray & orange interior (integral driver)
Article number: S118nledgo
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Its adjustable cables will allow it to adapt to the height of the space. A true light sculpture, Nenuphar dresses up the walls and the ceilings in a fascinating way, and plays at the same time the role of a sculpture, an acoustic wall and a light. The choice of personalised colors and its rotating modular nature of 360° leaves a large part of creativity to the user. It has an indirect and modern LED light source that is scattering in backlight. It is an answer to the dual problem of large wall spacings in hotel lobbies and / or very low ceilings overlooking large spaces which require a decorative and architectural response. Nenuphar is available as wall lights, ceiling lights and adjustable suspended lights, offered as a single unit or a trio, to freely compose your own scenography with one, two or three models up to infinity.
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