LucePlan Compendium Linear LED Pendant

Compendium linear pendant, LED 25W, 3200lm, 3000K Black finish
Article number: 1D810S000531
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The Compendium family of lamps, in the floor and suspension versions, stands out for the evocative graphic-sculptural impact of their slim silhouette, summing up the distinctive features of the poetic and functional research conducted on the theme of light by the Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken. The slim body of the lamp extends with a cylindrical-section segment that gives way to a long terminal profile in extruded aluminium with a flanged section in which the LED circuits are positioned, thus making it possible to screen the light emission generated by the high-efficiency sources. The flanged profile, in the designer’s intentions, evokes that of the «compendium» or lens screen used on large-format reflex cameras to protect the lens from excess light. The lamps of the Compendium family are available in the finishes black, brass and aluminium.
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