Candle holder with Candle

Plag In, Candle holder with Candle
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Designed by the italian designer Gabriele Pezzini, plag in is one of a series of products embodying their creator's conception of the essence of the things that surround us. By questioning the habits and codes with which we identify our lives, he defies the logic of functionality and challenges our very perception of the object. In plag in, we are instinctively led to associate the light of the candle and the wall plug with electricity, but this is merely a virtual association, born of logic, rather than reality. Hence, when a european plug primary function is turned on it's head, its connotations dissolve and it turns into a supporting stand for the candlestick. Plag in is made of self extinguishing nylon and is housed in a metal case. Both materials have technical advantages and guarantee safety in the presence of a burning flame.
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